Prim@ry - Slipmat Accessories


A limited edition turntable slipmat [1/50] custom printed with the Anakin "Prim@ry" icon.

These custom slipmats are made with the finest polyester felt fibers that feel as good as they look. They are also manufactured with the most innovative & technological specifications to meet all your needs as they are the highest durable quality. The limited edition "Prim@ry" slipmats are printed using the best and latest technology known as dye sublimation, which provides an everlasting finish and keeps your records protected.

The slipmats are created from medium density felt and weigh in at 16oz, which is the industry standard. They are glazed on the printed side giving them some extra slip, and they are firm to touch without being too rigid. They are a perfect fit for both 7 inch and 12 inch turntables.